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The Universal Psychology Platform - Founded in 2020

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What Is PsycTools?

PsycTools is an online platform allowing for the tracking of client progress following psychology sessions in real time.

The system will allow for clients to interactively track their progression by accessing and submitting resources digitally through a web application.

Both psychologists and clients will have the option to complete and view psychology resources from the simple click of a button online with numerous filtering options available.

Our Vision

PsycTools aims to streamline manual processes for psychologists by providing software that is user intuitive.

By providing a cost effective solution, PsycTools is a cheaper solution in the long term as opposed to purchasing tangible resources needed to maintain physical records. 

We are committed to improving the state of the environment with our software removing the need for endless sheets of paper.

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Meet Our Founders

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Adam Clark


Observing at numerous psychology clinics, Adam realised there was a stronger need for better communication channels between the psychologist and client dealing with mental health. By developing PsycTools, he aims to create an access point, allowing psychologists to make more informed decisions based on accurate progression data personalised for each client.

Adam is currently in his fifth year at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) studying a double  undergraduate degree in Business and Science in Information Technology, majoring in Marketing and Data Analytics.

Adam has previously worked at three different startups including working as a growth hacker at  Kindershare, BuildTools(now known as Commnia) and as a marketing coordinator at GeckoOnline. Adam is determined to draw on his wealth of knowledge gained from these experiences in the development of PsycTools.

It is important to note that Adam is not trained in psychology and therefore PsycTools will not replace psychologists to treat clients directly. 

About 4

Ayman Taoube


Ayman is currently in his fourth year at the University of Sydney (USYD) studying an undergraduate degree in psychology, minoring in business. In the near future he hopes to complete further study into Human Resources and more specifically, how people operate in a business context. Therefore he is excited by the opportunities PsycTools can create in these areas.

Ayman has previously completed internships at psychology clinics. Therefore, he understands the importance of accessible and productive software as well as patient-client privacy. He aims to incorporate these key goals and his wealth of knowledge gained through studying psychology to create both resources and psychology content for PsycTools.

It is important to note, that whilst Ayman is studying a degree in psychology, he is yet to finish his degree and therefore will be providing resources to help psychologists rather than replacing psychologists in treating clients directly.

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